Dispatch Schema

API V2 reference

This page applies to SCORM Cloud API V2. If you're looking for our V1 api reference see here



Name Required Description Schema
destinationId false Destination ID. String
courseId false Serialized external package ID. String
allowNewRegistrations false If true, then new registrations can be created for this dispatch. Boolean
enabled false If false, the dispatch can not be launched. Boolean
instanced false If true, then a new registration instance will be created if the client LMS doesn't provide launch data for an existing one. Otherwise, the same instance will always be used for the given cmi.learner_id. Boolean
registrationCap false The maximum number of registrations that can be created for this dispatch, where '0' means 'unlimited registrations'. Integer
registrationCount false The current number of registrations that have been created for this dispatch. Integer
expirationDate false The date after which this dispatch will be disabled as an ISO 8601 string, or 'none' for no expiration date. Date
tags false The tags to associate with this Dispatch. ListString
email false SCORM Cloud user e-mail associated with this dispatch. If this is not provided, it will default to the owner of the Realm. String
notes false Any provided notes about this dispatch. String