API Quick Start

API Quick Start

This document contains information on Getting Started with the SCORM Cloud API.

Signing Up

The first step is to sign up for a SCORM Cloud account. As explained in concepts, this will create a single realm with two applications by default. The Trial billing plan is free, albeit with some restrictions:

  • You may only have 10 active registrations at one time.
  • You may only have 100 MB of course content.

While developing an integration with SCORM Cloud, we recommend deleting courses and registrations once you’re finished using them, so as to stay below the trial limits. Alternately, you can upgrade your account to a paid level. See SCORM Cloud Pricing for more information.

API Credentials

Once you’ve got a SCORM Cloud account, log into it and go to the Apps / API page. The API exposes and allows the management of information inside each of these applications.

Your API credentials are an Application ID (App ID) and a Secret Key. Click “Details” on one of your applications. The App ID for that application is at the top of the page. The secret keys are under Authorization Keys. Any of the secret keys will work for the API.

Take note of an app ID and secret key; we’ll use them later.