Launch Link Request Schema

API V2 reference

This page applies to SCORM Cloud API V2. If you're looking for our V1 api reference see here



Name Required Description Schema
expiry false Number of seconds from now this link will expire in. Defaults to 120s. Range 10s:300s Integer
redirectOnExitUrl true The URL the application should redirect to when the learner exits a course. If not specified, configured value will be used. String
tracking false Should this launch be tracked? If false, Engine will avoid tracking to the extent possible for the standard being used. Boolean
startSco false For SCORM, SCO identifier to override launch, overriding the normal sequencing. String
culture false This parameter should specify a culture code. If specified, and supported, the navigation and alerts in the player will be displayed in the associated language. If not specified, the locale of the user’s browser will be used. String
cssUrl false A Url pointing to custom css for the player to use. String
learnerTags false ListString
courseTags false ListString
registrationTags false ListString
additionalvalues false ListItemValuePairSchema
launchAuth false LaunchAuthSchema