Registration Schema

API V2 reference

This page applies to SCORM Cloud API V2. If you're looking for our V1 api reference see here



Name Required Description Schema
id false String
instance false Integer
xapiRegistrationId false xAPI registration id associated with this registration String
dispatchId false Dispatch ID for this registration, if applicable String
updated false Date
registrationCompletion false RegistrationCompletion
registrationCompletionAmount false Double
registrationSuccess false RegistrationSuccess
score false ScoreSchema
totalSecondsTracked false Double
firstAccessDate false Date
lastAccessDate false Date
completedDate false Date
createdDate false Date
course false CourseReferenceSchema
learner false LearnerSchema
tags false ListString
globalObjectives false ListObjectiveSchema
sharedData false ListSharedDataEntrySchema
suspendedActivityId false String
activityDetails false ActivityResultSchema