SCORM Cloud Documentation

Thanks for the interest in SCORM Cloud! This document should serve as a good starting point for integrating the service into your own system. Here, you’ll find a brief conceptual overview, a quick guide to getting started with the SCORM Cloud API, a complete guide for integrating the API as an LMS, and a full listing of the SCORM Cloud API.

We’ve released version 2 of our API! It’s an all new RESTful API that addresses many of the concerns and feature requests that we’ve logged from providing the v1 API for nearly a decade. This documentation will now default to showing information on our V2 API on pages where that’s applicable. However, if you’re looking for that information on the V1 API: you’ll see a banner at the top of the page which will allow you to toggle back to the old documentation.

If you can’t find the v1 material you’re looking for, try starting here

Have questions? Contact us at support. Ask us anything. Really.