Getting Started - V2 API

Getting Started

This is part of the tutorial series: Getting Started:

  1. Getting Started
  2. Making an API Request

Before we get started with the SCORM Cloud API, there are a few things we’ll need to have in place. This guide will step you through starting a free Trial account with SCORM Cloud which will be used throughout the rest of the tutorials.

Signing Up

The first step is to sign up for a SCORM Cloud account. If you’re looking to try things out before committing to a plan, we offer a swanky free Trial account. There are only a few restrictions on Trial accounts: - You may only have 10 active registrations at one time. - You may only have 100 MB of course content.

The beauty of our Trial account is that there is no time limit, only the above usage limits. This means that as long as you’re willing to clean up after yourself (delete courses and registrations), you can feasibly write your application’s entire integration within a Trial account. We won’t take a dime until you upgrade. If you find that you’ve outgrown the Trial account, or want to skip it altogether and dive straight in, check out the SCORM Cloud Pricing for more information.

Once you’ve hit the sign up button you should automatically be logged in to our web portal.

API Credentials

When your account is created, two Applications are created by default within your account. We won’t delve far into specifics at this point, so for now just know that an Application represents a section of SCORM Cloud which is protected by a credential set which we will use to authenticate with the API. We need to grab one of those credential sets before we proceed, so head over to the Apps / API page. Here you should see those two previously mentioned Applications. From here you can chose either existing Application by clicking the Details link next to the application name.

Your API credentials are the Application ID and a Secret Key. The application ID can be found at the top of the details page. Secret keys can be found under Authorization Keys. Any active key (toggle switch is on) can be used from this list. If for some reason you don’t see a key, just hit the Add Key button.

Now we have an app ID and a secret key which we can used to hit the API. From here, you can either follow along with the README in one of our client libraries (an easy way to get integrated with SCORM Cloud quickly), or you can continue along with this tutorial and we will go over the basics.

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